Men's Patented Boxer Briefs

Yes, Frii Wilii Boxer Briefs are Exciting, and they Eliminate Several Common Problems!

How often do you find your Wilii shriveled inside your underwear?

How often are you self-conscious about what your package looks like?

How often would you like to go commando yet don't due to lack of counterpart support?

Frii Wilii answers all the above questions by eliminating them.

The Utility Patent

Enable Your Frii Wilii with Our Iris

Take Cover with Our Veil

Extreme counterpart support

Frii Wilii GIF

Frii Wilii


I bought a pair for my hubby, and he described them as comfortable and supportive. He was pleasantly surprised by how much he liked them. He looks good in anything, but I think these are way better than his whites win win!

Debbie Krshul

2 week challenge... That’s funny!! Changed my life after just 2 hours! Makes me want to walk around without pants wearing only my Frii Wilii’s!!!

Kurt P

These really are dope! I look humongous!

Kyle T

Frii Wilii offers the best support of all designer boxer briefs I have tried. 

Michael Cain