Frii Wilii

GEN2 - Poly Blend 6" Inseam

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Blended Materials:

Blended Materials: 90% Polyester | 10% Spandex




Standard Elastic

Sizing in inches:

S      (28-31)  

M    (31-34)  

L      (34-37)  

XL    (37-40) 

2XL  (40-43)

NOTE: All Frii Wilii boxer briefs slip on tight but are accurate to chart. 

GEN2 is second generation Frii Wilii.

So Frii Wilii...

Get your groove on with our polyester-blended GEN2 boxer briefs. Experience what is feels like to Frii Wilii! Our boxer briefs offer superior anatomy support not always found in other boxer briefs that do not retain shape.